The Meaning of Yellow Roses Friendship and Well Wishes

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The yellow rose might be younger than all one other rose colors, but that doesn’t make its history and meaning any less exhilarating. Yellow roses were first discovered in the wild at parts within the Middle East during the th century. Before its discovery, roses were cultivated in shades of red, pink, and white. Once the first yellow roses were introduced to Europe, however, their popularity quickly moved. At around the time the yellow rose was introduced to the West, hybridization techniques and experiments on flower cross-breeding were being innovated and perfected.

These experiments played an important part in the evolution of the yellow rose. What draws people to most flowers is their subtle, sweet-smelling fragrance a trait that yellow roses inside Middle East don’t share. In fact, the opposite was true; the first yellow roses had been pungent, unpleasant reek. Breeding and cultivation methods changed this, and rose hybridizers were able to slowly introduce the pleasing aroma that rose lovers savour.

As the yellow rose evolved, so did the meanings people attach with it. The color yellow is from the sun, the associated with life and friendliness. The first civilizations worshipped the sun as a god because of its key importance to our lives on Earth. It’s really no big surprise that for many Eastern cultures, the vivid color of the sun would hold positive meanings such as wisdom, joy, and power.

When the yellow rose was coming to th century Europe, however, the color yellow had more negative overtones. As such, yellow roses were used for a symbol for dying love and jealousy for a period of time. However, its negative meaning eventually got replaced the particular more universal, positive meaning of the color yellow. Today, people commonly associate yellow flowers with joy, Friendship day images for whatsapp, and bliss. A bouquet of bright yellow rose blooms reminds its recipient of sunny, cheerful emotions like happiness and warmth.

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